Shutter fever 2015 – Week 14

Wow, weeks are slipping past! I have been away, doing a little traveling etc. I realized today, I have let three weeks slide right by..! Well, either way, I’m sharing something here, that I clicked over our little vacation in the Redwoods National Forest. It was a great place with beautiful, giant trees and some magnificent hiking trails through them. This was a picture I took on one of our hikes, as the early morning sun streamed through.



Shutter Fever 2015 – My art chain wraps up

This is the last picture of my art chain. It was great, doing this. I was apprehensive to start off, as I kept feeling like I was going into this on a creative dry. It has successfully dragged my out and got me to try different things with my camera over the past week. I’m definitely glad I took it up!

Today’s picture – The city. Portland has been home to me for almost a year now. Each day, I discover something lovely about this town, and I feel glad to call it home. It is a city, where sprawling green spaces with huge evergreen trees coexist happily with the high rises of downtown. It is a city that is pedestrian and biker friendly and always buzzing with life. A unique vibe and flavor exists in this town that makes it an awesome place to be!

Portland riverfront

Shutter Fever 2015 – Week 10

My art chain is still on, and it’s week 10! This was a picture I took today, without much thought going into it. I went into the cafe, hoping for something else (which didn’t work as well as I’d hoped), but I ended up with a yummy and really pretty latte! So, I clicked a couple of pictures, drank my coffee while reading a nice Agatha Christie novel and watched people for a while 🙂


Shutter fever 2015 – Week 9

This week, I am taking up the Art Chain venture on Facebook – the idea is to share 5 pieces of your art over a week. I will share those entries here, too.

The Portland Saturday Market opened up, for the year, this past weekend. So, I went down there, camera in hand, hoping to break free of my little nature photography cycle. It was great fun to shoot there with lots of quirky craft stalls, friendly vendors, good music and a buzzing crowd. The Saturday Market is an art and craft market, and happens every Saturday (and Sunday, too) on the Portland riverfront.

The picture I am sharing today, is a little abstract in nature. These are hand made wooden boxes – the vendor calls them her curiosity boxes. They were beautiful and so well made! So, here goes – as always, your comments and thoughts are most welcome 🙂

Saturday market - boxes