Shutter fever 2015 – Week 8

Week 8 already! Two whole months seem to have flown past. I am back – after a week of being a bit under the weather. I am also trying to get myself out of a little rut I seem to have fallen into, in terms of my photography. I feel like, recently, most of my work has been solely nature oriented – leaves and flowers. I have been feeling like I need to get out and take pictures of other things…haven’t gotten around to it yet, clearly. Still…it’s a thought that I will work on.

So, this week’s pictures – over the past two weeks, the cherry blossoms have been in bloom. I have flooded my Instagram with pictures of these flowers and still can’t get enough. I haven’t ever seen such beautiful cherry blossoms before I moved to Portland. They never fail to wow me, every single time I look at them. So, here goes šŸ™‚

As always, your comments and thoughts are much appreciated!

Sakura Cherry blossoms


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