Shutter Fever 2015 – Week 6

It has been a wet couple of days here, in Portland. When I was thinking of what I wanted to do this week, I went on Google and searched “rainy day photography ideas”. I came across some beautiful pictures and really nice ideas. There were whole blog posts talking about capturing the mood of people who were out in the rain and taking photos of seas of umbrellas, etc etc. I went out, thinking, “Portraits today, then!”

….alas, thanks to the weather forecast being available on people’s finger tips, there wasn’t a soul on the streets. All I saw was car after car zipping past. So, I took a walk into the neighborhood and decided, “Water!” 😀

I am sharing two pictures, again, this week. I couldn’t pick which I liked better, between the two. So, here they are! Your comments and thoughts are most welcome, as always! 🙂

rain water


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