Shutter fever 2015 – Week 8

Week 8 already! Two whole months seem to have flown past. I am back – after a week of being a bit under the weather. I am also trying to get myself out of a little rut I seem to have fallen into, in terms of my photography. I feel like, recently, most of my work has been solely nature oriented – leaves and flowers. I have been feeling like I need to get out and take pictures of other things…haven’t gotten around to it yet, clearly. Still…it’s a thought that I will work on.

So, this week’s pictures – over the past two weeks, the cherry blossoms have been in bloom. I have flooded my Instagram with pictures of these flowers and still can’t get enough. I haven’t ever seen such beautiful cherry blossoms before I moved to Portland. They never fail to wow me, every single time I look at them. So, here goes 🙂

As always, your comments and thoughts are much appreciated!

Sakura Cherry blossoms


Shutter Fever 2015 – Week 6

It has been a wet couple of days here, in Portland. When I was thinking of what I wanted to do this week, I went on Google and searched “rainy day photography ideas”. I came across some beautiful pictures and really nice ideas. There were whole blog posts talking about capturing the mood of people who were out in the rain and taking photos of seas of umbrellas, etc etc. I went out, thinking, “Portraits today, then!”

….alas, thanks to the weather forecast being available on people’s finger tips, there wasn’t a soul on the streets. All I saw was car after car zipping past. So, I took a walk into the neighborhood and decided, “Water!” 😀

I am sharing two pictures, again, this week. I couldn’t pick which I liked better, between the two. So, here they are! Your comments and thoughts are most welcome, as always! 🙂

rain water

Shutter Fever 2015 – Week 5

Week 5 – Looking at little things.

We have been getting some beautiful sunny days in Portland, recently. With some time on hand today, we decided to walks some trails in Washington Park. It was lush, green and beautiful! This is just a little something that caught my eye on the side of the trail. I loved the little ferns, so vibrant and colorful against the dark wood.

Your thoughts are much appreciated – feel free to drop a word 🙂

Washington park