Shutter Fever 2015 – Week 3

As the city wakes.

It was a hazy morning, the Sun was just rising behind me and downtown Portland was waking up.
I love going up to this spot on Mt Tabor, as one can see the little homes and shops of Southeast Portland meeting the tall, busy downtown.. I liked how, as the day started up, I could see Hawthorne Blvd (the street in the photograph) getting busy with morning commuters.
Mt Tabor is a sprawling green hill in the middle of this hustle and bustle. I feel wonderful living in a place where we have such easy access to tall trees and quiet green woods.

I have wanted to try shooting the cityscape for a while now, and have never truly been satisfied with the results. I am not absolutely happy, even with this picture, to be honest… I just thought it was better than most of my trials prior to it. It is still something I have to work at, and I will share a picture once I feel like I have done it better.

(This entry is a day late, but I figured, better late than never) 😀

Your thoughts and comments are much appreciated.



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