Shutter fever 2015 – Week 2

For my photo op this week, I decided to give monochrome another shot. I have always loved black and white photography – I think there is a certain beauty in the starkness of the picture and there is a sharp, dramatic look that can never come in color. Since I have had my DSLR, I’ve had the option to shoot in monochrome, rather than having to depend on software to create the effect. I have always found, though, that my monochrome pictures are never as sharp or dramatic or stark as I would like them to be. They would always look a little washed in grey, overly bright and overall, very dull-ish and soft, in my eyes.

With this idea in mind, I decided I wanted to click a couple of pictures around the house, of little things (hoping to have more control over light, backdrop etc. than I would if I was outdoors). I spent most of the day in a bit of a block, feeling like I was dry out of subjects to shoot! Finally I settled down with a pine cone and a coffee mug sleeve. My attempts at good monochrome photography is still a work in learning progress, but here are two pictures from my attempt, this time. I’d appreciate your comments and thoughts on what I can do differently/better 🙂

Monochrome Monochrome


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