Shutter fever 2015 – week 1

Shutter fever 2015 is my little 52 week project for the year. After much contemplation of whether I wanted to join a group or go solo, I decided to pick something up for myself – so I set my own guidelines and let my creativity go which way it pleases. The project is a simple idea, one picture a week, every week this year. I figure, this will help me keep my blog regularly updated (which I usually fail miserably at doing), and keep reading and trying new things with my camera.

So, for week 1 – a month or two ago, my mother was reading something on the Nikon school blog, and shared the article with me. It was a tutorial, of sorts, about using household lights (flashlights, desk lamps etc) to shoot still life. It was intriguing, and when she tried it out, her pictures were pretty awesome, too! I had bookmarked it, and had wanted to give it a go for a while. So when I started off with this project, I figured now was the chance.

Your thoughts and comments on the picture are appreciated – let me know what you think! 🙂



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