Shutter Fever 2015 – Week 4

I’ve caught this week by its tail! I’m feeling pretty great that I managed to spend the morning with my camera before the week ran away 🙂 I did some absolutely random things, hoping to strike on an idea or a picture that I could share. None of them really materialized today, but they have left me with a couple of ideas to read about and try over the coming weeks.

I have being seeing a lot of beautiful still life pictures around the web, on people’s blogs and on Flickr. I’ve had a bunch of flowers sitting on my dining table for a few days now, that were just begging to be photographed 🙂 So, here goes! Simple and pretty, these flowers made for some really nice pictures. As always, your comments and thoughts are most welcome.



Shutter Fever 2015 – Week 3

As the city wakes.

It was a hazy morning, the Sun was just rising behind me and downtown Portland was waking up.
I love going up to this spot on Mt Tabor, as one can see the little homes and shops of Southeast Portland meeting the tall, busy downtown.. I liked how, as the day started up, I could see Hawthorne Blvd (the street in the photograph) getting busy with morning commuters.
Mt Tabor is a sprawling green hill in the middle of this hustle and bustle. I feel wonderful living in a place where we have such easy access to tall trees and quiet green woods.

I have wanted to try shooting the cityscape for a while now, and have never truly been satisfied with the results. I am not absolutely happy, even with this picture, to be honest… I just thought it was better than most of my trials prior to it. It is still something I have to work at, and I will share a picture once I feel like I have done it better.

(This entry is a day late, but I figured, better late than never) 😀

Your thoughts and comments are much appreciated.


Shutter fever 2015 – Week 2

For my photo op this week, I decided to give monochrome another shot. I have always loved black and white photography – I think there is a certain beauty in the starkness of the picture and there is a sharp, dramatic look that can never come in color. Since I have had my DSLR, I’ve had the option to shoot in monochrome, rather than having to depend on software to create the effect. I have always found, though, that my monochrome pictures are never as sharp or dramatic or stark as I would like them to be. They would always look a little washed in grey, overly bright and overall, very dull-ish and soft, in my eyes.

With this idea in mind, I decided I wanted to click a couple of pictures around the house, of little things (hoping to have more control over light, backdrop etc. than I would if I was outdoors). I spent most of the day in a bit of a block, feeling like I was dry out of subjects to shoot! Finally I settled down with a pine cone and a coffee mug sleeve. My attempts at good monochrome photography is still a work in learning progress, but here are two pictures from my attempt, this time. I’d appreciate your comments and thoughts on what I can do differently/better 🙂

Monochrome Monochrome

Shutter fever 2015 – week 1

Shutter fever 2015 is my little 52 week project for the year. After much contemplation of whether I wanted to join a group or go solo, I decided to pick something up for myself – so I set my own guidelines and let my creativity go which way it pleases. The project is a simple idea, one picture a week, every week this year. I figure, this will help me keep my blog regularly updated (which I usually fail miserably at doing), and keep reading and trying new things with my camera.

So, for week 1 – a month or two ago, my mother was reading something on the Nikon school blog, and shared the article with me. It was a tutorial, of sorts, about using household lights (flashlights, desk lamps etc) to shoot still life. It was intriguing, and when she tried it out, her pictures were pretty awesome, too! I had bookmarked it, and had wanted to give it a go for a while. So when I started off with this project, I figured now was the chance.

Your thoughts and comments on the picture are appreciated – let me know what you think! 🙂