Go green! Adding a splash of colour around the home

This post definitely qualifies under a “Random” tag, if I were to have one. We have a backyard neighbor, who has a nice thicket of bamboo that has been shooting to great heights this summer – and sadly, digging roots into our garden wall. We keep watching our wall for cracks and keep having to chop down excess growth from between our fence planks.

This past week, when we cut up a nice lot of the intrusive bamboo, I hadn’t the heart to throw the fresh green shoots into the compost bin. So, I brought them in and set them in a bottle of water on our dining table, saying, “I’ll throw them out when they lose color…”

I took a few pictures while the color lasted, and now sadly, they’re beginning to wilt, and I fear it’s time I threw them out.

Getting some green in :)