I enjoy trying new, fun things with my camera – and my mum is my forever-patient, ever-enthusiastic accomplice in experiments 🙂 For the Fifty-2 Weeks project, that I’m a part of on Facebook, the theme this week asked for us to capture movement. I’ve wanted to try the liquid-splash deal for a while now, and I thought, why not this week. After all, the splash is, in some sense, “movement” of water, right? 🙂 We tried a few things out, my mum and myself. She patiently sat on the edge and threw pebbles into our swimming pool, as I lay on my tummy on the side, with the camera. Though we got some spectacular splashes, we had a tough time with the focus of the pictures. It was impossible to place the dunk just right, and most times, the wall of the pool, in the background, was the subject in sharp focus. So we changed tactics and decided to go with a smaller body of water that we could have more control over – a glass filled to the brim and a bright red tomato to throw in 🙂 It worked pretty good! Check out the pictures, yourself!

Splash 1Splash 2Splash 3


4 thoughts on “Splash!

    • Thanks, and yea, do try. All you need is really high shutter speed and a pretty high ISO, at times, and it’s works like a charm. Would love to see what you get 🙂 It’s a lot of fun! 🙂

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